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Kate Alley Photography Brand Photoshoot

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Have you ever met someone who truly inspires you? Someone who has an impressive array of skills and talents while also exuding joy? Over the past three years, Kate has become that friend to me. She is a multi-passionate and is chasing her dreams, entrusting them to God’s guidance each step of the way. I had the privilege to photograph Kate’s wedding years ago and found in her a kindred spirit that’s developed into a friendship ever since! One of the foundations for our friendship has been that she also runs a wedding photography business Kate Alley Photography and recently moved to the Twin Cities which means we get to be friends IRL just like I always dreamed 🙂 Beyond her photography, she is pursuing her masters degree to become a licensed counselor, oh and she also creates fabulous art designs through her Etsy shop, Beholding Light.!

This past weekend we did a brand photoshoot for Kate to get a wide range of photos across the multiple categories of work that she’s pursuing. It was such an inspiring experience! We did the photo shoot at the local Studio Q in Northeast Minneapolis for its wide variety of spaces to use. My favorite area to use for Kate’s session was a white brick wall that gave a great amount of texture while remaining neutral for her headshots. The couch and desk areas on the other side of the studio made the perfect scenes for photos that show her working.

Kate came prepared with a variety of props that perfectly represented the multiple elements of her interests. We started with her camera, to show the couples she serves the who the bubbly face will be by their side to capture and celebrate their wedding day. Next we moved over to the desk photos of her working where we brought out the tools she naturally has next to her while she is editing photos, which included her laptop, phone, and coffee, of course! We then transitioned over to a standing desk where she started drawing on a custom art print that she makes for her Etsy shop and took some images with a microphone that she can use for future projects in the works, interviews, and counseling. We even included her husband Isaac at the end because he is such an important support system behind making her business dreams possible.

It’s amazing to see someone so passionate pursuing multiple career paths simultaneously! She’s so talented and deserves recognition for her hard work and dedication! If you want to learn more about Kate or see some of her beautiful artwork, check out @katealleyphotography on Instagram or visit katealley.com! We cannot wait until our next opportunity collaborate together again soon!

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