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Conversion Street Studio Artist Portraits

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If you love art that is full of vibrant colors and vivid movement, you’ve got to know Sarah Norton who runs Conversion Street Studio in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Sarah describes her style as part of expressionism, art that evokes emotion above anything else. 

My favorite part about her art is the way that she brings biblical scenes to life. She is incredibly thoughtful about the way that she depicts these sacred scenes and tells stories about the lives of the saints who witness to living a life of faith. Beyond painting theologically-rich moments, her portfolio also includes iconic landmarks like the Northern Minnesota legend of Paul Bunyan to faraway places such as the Eiffel Tower.

After many requests from followers and friends, Sarah recently set her sights on starting a print shop which would allow everyone to view and own pieces of her art! The photo shoot we did together focused on creating images that could be used for the print shop website, including the header and images of her creative

She’s also taking her talent one step further by providing live paintings at weddings and events, giving couples a chance to commemorate their wedding day with a one-of-a-kind keepsake! We saw her in action at a December wedding and it made a great experience for guests who got to watch and enjoy the process of the painting coming together.

It was so fun creating images for Sarah that highlighted her creative process and the paintings themselves. I can’t wait to see how her print shop and live painting services take off here in the Twin Cities and beyond!

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