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Launch Party: Siena and Co’s Latest Swimwear Line

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On March 14th, Siena and Co. celebrated the launch of their latest swimwear line, the Retro Collection. The launch party was a fun-filled night with music, cocktails, and plenty of chances to try on the newest pieces. At the head of it all was Catherine Huss, the designer behind this beautiful collection. She studied fashion design at St Thomas University in Minnesota and moved to California to pursue her dreams. Here’s a look back at the night that celebrated one small business woman taking a big leap!

The Collection

When guests arrived at the launch party they were greeted with large posters showcasing photos of models wearing different looks from the Retro Collection. Guests had plenty of time to browse through the collection before it went live online and could get an up close look at all of Catherine’s hard work. Each piece was carefully designed with attention to detail in mind and features pops of bold colors that make for eye-catching beachwear. One of the things I loved too is that the swim tops that Catherine designed are so comfortable and versatile that you can wear them easily as a crop tshirt under your everyday where if you want to have an athletic fit tshirt that is ready for wherever your summer plans take you.

The Atmosphere

The event was hosted at the gorgeous light-filled Honest Studios in the North Loop of Minneapolis, MN. It felt like being transported back in time as you walked around the space as record albums lined the tables and guests listened to classic hits from the ’70s and ’80s. Plush white couches surrounded by windows and plants made it comfortable to sit and visit with other guests and talk with the designer herself. The atmosphere made everyone feel like part of something bigger than just another shopping experience, we were a real community there to cheer on our friend.

A Night To Remember

The launch party for Siena & Co’s Retro Collection was truly something special and beyond the swimsuits, it was about celebrating success too! Catherine has worked hard over many years to make her dream come true, and seeing her vision come alive is inspiring for any small business owner or budding entrepreneur out there looking to take their own leap into something new. It goes without saying that we can’t wait for what else she has in store.

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