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Brand photography for creative entrepreneurs




Brand Photography

Serving creative entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area and beyond.

Serving creative entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Twin Cities and beyond.


Brand Photography

Serving creative entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area and beyond.

Serving creative entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Twin Cities and beyond.

More brand awareness = more sales.

When you're showing up consistently with high quality photos created with a strategic purpose, you are going to get in front of more people. 

Your message stands out when you're delivering value and quality. Images help new potential customers quickly resonate with you, see you as the pro you are, want to work with you, and get excited to hear from you over and over again. 


Great News.
 I can help with that.

What you might not realize is that you just knocked on the digital front door of a content brainstormer extraordinaire. I'm never short of ideas.

Before I ever pick up the camera, we'll make a game plan that ensures you've got everything you need to get noticed by your dream customers.

Then we'll jump into a photo session that brings those ideas to life. 



The Brand Essentials

A shorter, simplified photoshoot option to get you started ASAP. We'll cover the bases with everything you need for your next launch.

Perfect for:
  • Adding a new product or service
  • Website refresh
  • Specific promotion


Half Day Content Sprint

This is the Goldilocks of photo sessions and the place to start if it is our first time together. We'll get you setup with everything you need for your website and to rock social media for the next 90 days. Multiple hours, switch up outfits, change scenes, incorporate props, and get the variety you need for the fast-paced world of social media and digital marketing.


Quarterly Consistency

Want to consistently have content to share all year long? You've got me on retainer as part of your team's marketing strategy. Each quarter we will plan content that serves your current business needs to ensure you're always ready to show up online for your brand. 


If you need a new headshot without any extra pomp and circumstance, this is perfect for option you. Choose between an in-studio or outdoor location and receive 3-5 images to use in all your professional endeavors.

lifestyle mini sessions

Short and sweet sessions that take place throughout the year. Date and location chosen by photographer. These 20 minute sessions are designed to give you fresh, regular content.

Not quite ready for a full branding session?

book a mini session

book a headshot

try one of these instead

You'll know it's time to book a session if you:

aren't in love with your current headshot & want fresh variety

You've exhausted your profile pic and the small handful of images that you use on repeat. Your dream clients are dying to see something new. 

want to make your website + Social media feel cohesive and legit

A website isn't meant to be a patch quilt. iPhone photos can get you by on social media but nothing grabs attention and gains trust faster than professional images that look cohesive together.

have a specific promotion that needs fab images to pair with it

Whatever kind of project you have up your sleeve, like a sales page, a new book, or a seasonal promotion, beautiful images can get your audience to stop the scroll and put all eyes on you. 

does that sound like you?

Then Let's Do This.

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What makes katzie and co. different


To show up online, you don't need a million headshots of yourself that look like a senior picture session. You need a wide variety of images to authentically talk about your offerings and position yourself as an expert in your industry


I work one-on-one with each of my clients to deliver a personalized experience that is tailored to your needs. I am here to help you succeed in business and cheer you on as you chase your goals. 


I've been a photographer for more than a decade, capturing everything from individual portraits, teams, seniors, weddings, events, conferences, and more. I've seen it all and know what it takes to deliver great photos no matter the location so you can get the results you need.

Let's work together, yeah yeah yeah!

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