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The secret ingredient to rank higher on Google

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This tip that will not only make your website look amazing, but also help you rank higher on Google!

We all want to get in front of our dream customers and make it as easy as possible for them to find us so that they can work with us. The best way to do that organically is to focus in on your SEO (aka. search engine optimization), which tells Google when someone is looking for your exact product or service to put your website front and center for them.

There are a lot of factors that impact where your business ranks in the all-powerful eyes of Google and I like to think of it like a recipe. You need to balance several key ingredients, which are good on their own, but together they create the jaw-dropping incredible results that foodies (or in this case, customers) flock to. *Chefs kiss.*

The secret ingredient? Brand photos specifically tailored to your business

In my eyes, custom photos are like salt. It’s what brings out the flavor of every other ingredient in a dish. Without it, your website is going to be pretty bland even if you have everything else proportionally right. Hiring a brand photographer to take those custom photos for your business can make all the difference.

Let’s talk about the reasons why!

Why does it make such a big difference?

It’s simple, Google is going to favor websites that have high-quality, unique, and relevant content. By investing in a brand photo session, you’ll have a gallery full of images that help you:

  • Relatable: Add a personal touch to your website and show off the little details that make your products or services special. When customers can see examples of real people using real products in action, they feel a deeper connection that makes you relatable and reliable.
  • Convey brand identity: Custom photos can convey your brand identity and values in a way that stock photos simply cannot. By showcasing your products, services, or team in a personalized way, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and build a stronger brand recognition.
  • Look more professional: When you’ve got photos of your own products or team members, it shows that you care enough about your business to put in the effort to create high-quality content. And that effort pays off because people are more likely to trust a business that looks like it knows what it’s doing.
  • Differentiate yourself. If you’re using the same stock photos as everyone else in your industry, it’s hard to differentiate yourself. You’re blending into the crowd instead of standing out. But when you’ve got photos that are unique to your brand, it creates a distinct identity that people will remember.
  • Unique content is SEO gold: Google loves websites that show they are putting in the effort to create high-quality content. When people search for your business, they’re more likely to click on your website if they see eye catching photos. Google can tell when a stock photo is appearing in multiple websites which signals to it that your photos are not unique (ie. lower quality).
  • Clients stay longer on your website: When your website is visually appealing, your engagement increases because users are staying on your website for longer amounts of time. That signals to Google that your website is providing valuable content which can also improve your ranking.
  • You can optimize your images further: It’s not just about looking pretty. You’ll rank higher in image search results and drive more traffic to your website by optimizing your images. On the front end, that means considering what words and phrases you want to rank high for, creating strategic content that matches those keywords, and then adding them to yoru website with descriptive file names, alt text, and captions.

So, if you want to take your website to the next level and rank higher on Google, consider hiring a brand photographer to take custom photos of your business. Not only will it make your website look amazing, but it will also give you a competitive edge in the world of SEO. And who doesn’t want that?

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