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Location Ideas for your Next Brand Photo Shoot

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One of the most popular questions I get asked as a brand photographer is what location will work best for a photo shoot.

There are a lot of factors that go into that answer! The most important part of planning for the brand photo shoot is selecting a location that will be the perfect fit for your brand’s aesthetic. If you have a home or office space already, we can use what you’ve got! If you feel like your home or office space does not currently match the aesthetic of your ideal customers, is not well decorated, or lacks ample light, we can always find or rent another location that’s a better fit. This is what we do for our own photos so we know how helpful that can be to take the stress off your shoulders.

Your home or office space

Incorporating the real-life spaces that you already work from brings an authentic feel to your images. People who are makers can give their audience an insiders look behind the scenes into how your products are made. Business owners who have storefronts and physical office spaces can set expectations with their prospective customers by showcasing the very places their customers will walk through when working with you.

Photo Shoot Location Ideas

There are a lot of offsite locations that work great for photo shoots. Some are free and others are paid. We’ll help you double check if permission, fees, or permits are required to shoot at these locations.

  • Coffee Shops
  • Coworking space
  • Event venues
  • City landmarks
  • Peerspace
  • Home Studio List
  • Photo Studio Rentals

Features to Consider

  • Is there ample natural light (big windows) throughout the location or home? Keep the location of windows in mind because that’ll determine what time of day to do the session for the best lighting.
  • What is the general decor of the space? Does it fit your brand? Is there more than just one room or corner of the space that feels cohesive with your brand?
  • Do you want a space that feels like a photo shoot set or a lifestyle setting?
  • Are there any public locations that you want to incorporate, such as a building, landmarks, bar, park, etc. Do we need to deal with tourists, passerby, or other location guidelines?

Twin Cities Photo Shoot Locations

Looking for a local option? Grab the free guide for my favorite Twin Cities photo locations.

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